And that's the kind of summer it's been...

Oh, dear....I'm already speaking as if the summer has ended. Don't you start looking at your fall plans about this time of year and lament the things you never did this summer? Okay, this is sounding too depressing. Switch gears.

I am enjoying a morning "alone" in my house (with only J2 around...and he's been sleeping). I vacuumed the livingroom (people, this is monumental stuff I'm talking about) and I started to rearrange in there. Since we moved the last of our stuff out of the old house (which is sold and money finally in our hands!!), we've been living under a lot of clutter that hasn't found its home yet. So I managed to get at our new bookshelf (woo hoo...I can have books on a shelf...and even music books!!), but I've displaced a bunch of stuff and am currently a little stuck as to what to do next.

It's on days like this where I figure keeping house isn't really that hard. Did a bunch of dishes last night and found out that I do indeed have counters (well, one is still lost under a pile of papers...I don't know what's different about this house--I never used to have this much trouble with paper). Even got the kids and hubby to wash their own breakfast dishes. This is cool. Started the laundry after J2 went down for nap. I've wanted to start these routines for a very long time. Now, I'm not going to say these routines will be solidly implemented, but it was neat to try and I really like the feel of them so far. But it really is amazing how time alone in my house allows me to get the head-space for living.

It's been a week since we got back from Sask. Kids had a good time seeing grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunties and even a bunch of mine. Managed to squeeze in some good visits. It was so nice to not be responsible for my house AND my kids. I'm afraid I took very good advantage of my mother. (Thanks, Mom!) J1 got to go to VBS and won't stop listening to the CD of the songs. He was even into the actions. J2 started sitting and really moving and showing us just how much he can eat! R became quite attached to Grandma. My hubby got some work done and a chance to miss us and he even had one of our Cuba photos enlarged for our bedroom wall. Our grass that we seeded is huge and needs a mowing. The rest of the backyard is coming along, but lots left to do yet. Been trying to spend more time in the evenings on the swing. Can hardly wait until it's the way we want it and the kids have more to do back there.

So, even though we bought a season's pass and we've only been to the beach once and it's already time to go shopping for school supplies (how fun is that!), it's been a good summer. I even got to do crafts and listen to amazing women speakers at my very own VBS class and I just recently spent some birthday money at the Thrift Store and picked up two hot little dresses and a couple of shirts. It may not have been a dream summer, but I feel thankful for my life and family.

And that's the kind of summer it's been, this year 2007.

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