I am thankful for:
- God's care over R as she was choking on something she shouldn't have put in her mouth while I was upstairs getting her some pajamas...somehow she got it out
- our new fence and the way chain link looks once you start putting the inserts in
- the feeling of renewed energy and a cloud lifting in the last two days...maybe the coconut oil is working!! (prayers always help, too)
- our swing...except that when I go on it with the kids after supper, bedtime gets way later!
- our baby grass coming up in the black soil
- our neighbours
- our friends and the fact that I'm actually getting together with many of them this week!
- sisters that tell me how much they miss me!!
- my kids: the laughs I shared with J1 today, the cuddles I shared with R, and the wet kisses I shared with J2
- my husband (who just happened to do some dishes for me "so that I wouldn't have them all facing me after bedtime) and who continually amazes me with his talents and awes me with his acceptance

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Bailey said...

Hooray for gratitude!