Stand up, baby, stand up

Okay, it's supposed to be hands up, but that's the way I always sing it to my kids...J2 just pulled himself up to standing today. I knew it could be soon given that he's been doing "the frog" and very fascinated with all things "up". But I was completely dumbfounded to catch him doing it today! The guy just learned how to sit. What's he thinkin'?!!!

We had one of those glorious unscheduled days, where everything just sort of flowed. We ate when we were hungry, two out four napped when tired (me and J2), and spent a bunch of time outside on our newly mowed grass (soccer, picnic, raking). Suddenly it was supper time. Threw together something from the fridge, had apples to finish off, had baths, had snack, and bed-time rituals. Had to discipline some dawdling, but other than that went smoothly. It was a bit on the late side, but they crashed quickly once I left the room. Now I have a bit of time before bed. Hubby is busy photographing all day and night, so it's just me.

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