The First of June

Wow, here we are at the beginnning of the summer months and it is actually warm. Thankfully, we're still sleeping down in the basement, and in ten days we'll have our a/c installed. We can't open our windows at night because the fire trucks are so "honking" loud.

I found out that I have hypothyroidism. I wasn't completely aware of the patterns, but I've been up and down with every pregnancy, progressively lower after each baby. So my doctor and I decided to treat it with fake thyroid hormone. Haven't filled the prescription, but I'm looking forward to seeing whether it will affect my life positively. With post-partum, it's hard to know what's just sleep deprivation, PPD, and plain low energy and what's other things. The biggest thing I was noticing was the hair fall-out, plus I was definitely flying off the handle more easily (but so would any tired mom). Anyways, that's what's new on the health-front.

Just sent off my cousin and uncle on a bike trip to Newfoundland. Crazy guys. It was neat to give them a place to stay after flying in, breakfast and a lunch of sorts. Their blog is

We went to St. John's Park today. The kids weren't napping and I finally just said, "that's it...we're going to the park". Totally did my girl in though. So tired. Which reminds me...I need to get them snacks and into bed. Same girl is getting a cold.

TTFN (tah tah for now)

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flowerlady said...

just checking in to say hi and see what's new with you. Hope that thryoid thing works out soon. I need to go do that physical thing myself and get stuff like that checked. 'See ya soon'.