We've sold our house and the possession date has been moved up to July 13th. Our tenants just found a house in time, so we're all glad that's worked out.

Rod has quit his job at Joel Ross Photography. He has to finish out his wedding contracts, which will eat up his week-end all summer (Aggh!), but he is done shooting portraits there. We're still being paid at this point, but are not sure how long that will continue. He is busy trying to finish renovating and getting together his marketing pieces. God has been providing income for this.

I'm struggling along, trying to figure out on any given day what is most important to do (since my energy and time are fairly limited). I long for order and am realizing some attitudes may need changing (although I'm never quite sure which is beliefs and which is "fog" and circumstance). The rain and resulting mud are a challenge, as well as the lack of time and money to put into landscaping at this point.

My kids are beautiful. Baby boy is so fun and sweet and active (although not mobile yet). Big boy is forever changing his clothes to "be" something else (fireman, basketball player, fisherman, king etc. etc.) Girl likes to follow suit. Biggest challenge with them is discipline/listening. Doesn't help that they always seem to be behind in their sleep. Having fun teaching them a little French in preparation for J going to kindergarten at Ecole Lansdowne. Am thinking about trying to employ some positive incentives for doing morning/evening routines...(what routines?) but man, it's hard to get around to organizing stuff like this!!

Had the coolest thing happen on Sunday. Felt God nudge me to go back in the house and get my Bible. Didn't know why until after church, a young man just starting talking to me about how hard it is to not backslide etc. I just kind of stopped to listen and share some scripture and connect him with someone on the core team of our new transitional housing in the church. I don't know what's down the road for him, but I really want to continue to pray for him. He needs a praying mom!

Thinking more again about hospitality and how to help that to happen. Rod and I want to incorporate the discipline of "celebration" more into our lives, so we've made an initial decision to do more inviting on Sundays. Somehow I'm going to need to make our house more inviting on a regular basis (I try to think of it in those terms rather than just "clean"...somehow I rebel against that word). I just struggle so much to stay on track. Everything gets so easily derailed and I often just let it stay that way and not worry, but then when I think of having anyone over, I suddenly become aware of how yucky everything is and suddenly I'm not so comfortable with the way things are.

Well, I could probably go on for quite awhile with all this ruminating, but kids are still awake and needing attention (i.e. to go to bed), so I should leave this glowing screen and join life.

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Tasha & Colin said...

This is all great news. Some of which I already knew, but wonderful hearing in "your words". (Instead of Rod's...not that Rod's aren't good to know what I mean!...) God is doing wonderful things in your family, I can see Him through you both. :) Our prayers are with you guys in these "life changes."