Everything Helps

Yesterday Rod pitched in to try and do disaster control. We made a lot of progress and it felt good. Then, I got two hours away and a chance to connect with a couple of women and that was nice, too. Today, I saw my doctor and she's doing a couple of tests to check levels of thyroid, iron, calcium etc. I even managed to have teeny tiny nap this afternoon.

So, everything helps. I realized that I'd had next to no parenting breaks or even naps for the past two weeks or more. No wonder I was starting to lose it!

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flowerlady said...

Big {{{{hugs}}}} for you girlie. I'm sad we didn't get a little more time together when you were here. I was going to say something profound and wonderful (I think) but kids started yelling, the phone started ringing and my train of thought is now derailed. Anyway I love you...