Basking in the Glow

Yesterday was our 11th anniversary. Rod was out most of the day and I had a mission. I was going to re-decorate our bedroom to give it a summery, beach feel reminiscent of Cuba. I had bought my $45 worth of materials earlier in the week: two white lamps, two woven sea blue placemats (both for the night tables), and a sea blue duvet cover to be cut in strips to replace the deep purple fabric panels in our home-made armoires with a pillowcase to match. I couldn't afford new bedding, so I used our white pillowcases and threw a white sheet over our comforter. The new colour scheme was taken from one of our favorite Cuba beach shots that we want to enlarge for over our bed. The only problem was, that I really don't like the blue! As I was buying it, I'm thinking to myself, "Is it crazy to decorate my room in a colour I don't like? But it goes so well..." Anyways, to make a long story short, I spent the afternoon freaking out on my kids and trying to get the room ready in time, Rod came home and eventually made it to our room, and was basically in shock and didn't seem to have a positive response to it!! Everything was sort of crazy at the time, and we just sort of went on to the next thing. A bit later, I admitted that I didn't really like the colour and it was confirmed that he didn't either. Fortunately, I didn't feel offended. Just a bit perturbed at myself for getting it and fretting over all the futile stress and work. The more I look at everything now, the more I think that just the armoire fabric has to change (of course, that's the big job). I think I'll try two panels in white or all of them if necessary. The blue and white seem to work, just not the blue on blonde wood. Later, Rod told me that he was able to see the heart behind it all and was very touched by it, even if he didn't fall in love with the actual decor.

We eventually got away for our date. At the eleventh hour, Mercy agreed to baby-sit for us. She did a fabulous job and the kids did well and she blessed me even further by doing some dishes and straightening up the downstairs. What a gift to us! We headed to the Forks to use our "Wow! Hospitality" gift certificate at Muddy Waters BBQ. The food wasn't thrilling, but the server was fabulous. We really enjoyed sitting outside snuggled into each other while we waited for a table and then proceeded to have engaging conversation during the meal and afterward. It is so nice to be in such a good space with our marriage these days. We've previously experienced restaurant meals where we just sort of stare at all the patrons, at a loss for what to say to each other. We've never been at a place where we're cold with each other, but definitely times where we're a bit detached or distant. In the last couple of months, we've just had a real breakthrough where we feel in love and we want to stay up late and chat and we want to just touch each other. It's so fun!

Anyways, I should go, my baby and my girl are awake. (They all had a nap in the same room...crazy baby though doesn't want to stay asleep...just wants to play with the crib toy thingie...I'm just starting him in the crib today...and he just started eating last week...he's growing up so fast!) Girl and baby our now entertaining each other...


flowerlady said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry I missed's even written down! bad me.

Deanna Momtchilov said...

You are so thoughtful - I'm sure Rod appreciates you! Deyan and I are off to our own little getaway this weekend. A bed and breakfast in St. Malo. Haven't done that since long before the kids were born! Should be fun!