Peaks and Valleys

Went to an incredible concert Friday night: Steve Bell and the WSO. It was an evening of breath-taking music, honest and inspiring stories, and the glory of God, all in a packed out concert hall. The clapping didn't stop until they turned the house lights on and had done two encores. It was fabulous.

We got home, had a lovely chat with our friend and volunteer caregiver and while doing that, discovered R on the toilet saying "I need toilet paper". Huge diarrhea. Then while comforting her to sleep she proceeded to throw up all over her pillow. So, here we go again. This time it's worse. Fever, both ends...she's getting dehydrated. To the doctor tomorrow I guess. Poor kid.


Ruth said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you finished your night with such a sour note! Audrey just spent the past four days with the same thing... (I think both Hayes kids had it this week too) Didn't we all just do this less than a month a ago!!???
Praying for quick recovery and that no one else gets ill!

Sonya said...

You're kidding! Yeah, I hadn't totally felt we were actually over it completely and then it came back with a vengeance. That's too bad that you started out in Toronto with that. Ditto for you about the praying...As if Alexandra needed that on top of everything...

Rachel did just turn the corner this afternoon. Fever's gone and temper is back! Hopefully she'll rehydrate soon and be able to eat properly as well.