Fly Away Flu

Fly away flu
I've had just about enough of you
It was bad enough when it was my kids two
But did you have to visit me, too?

I'm sick and tired, tired and sick
Would you move on over...get out of here quick?
Just leave my family and never return
We're done with "As the stomach churns"

Fly away flu , we're done with you
With tummy aches and liquid poo
We'd like to get on with life, it's true
So fly away flu, fly away flu.


Ruth said...

Amen!! You make me laugh!

WorshipWarrior said...

LOL! I feel for you, but I'm glad you're keeping something of a sense of humor about it.

The Hayes Family said...

Hey we just got over that flu! It was horrible. A week straight of puking and poop. I will give you a call this week. I have been a little over whelmed with starting the art project at the mission. talk soon.