Expecting a baby. Soon. Expecting more of myself and my husband. Wishing my daughter's tummy hadn't kept her up all night (she's having a lot of abdominal pain still and I'm not sure if certain enzymes are still not for lactose or what). Wishing I could get my house clean. Still going on mad shopping trips trying to get everything ready. Running out of money! Not sure when to expect baby. My hip is going way out of joint all the time. Ouch to walk. Chiropractor did wonders last night, but temporary.

Wonder what Mary was thinking about these days. Was she madly trying to get ready and wondering how she would ever do it? Or was she a true "Mary", not worried about many things, but focused on the One inside her? I'll admit that I'm far from that these days, but once in awhile when I've stopped to ponder and wonder, it's been a beautiful and peaceful experience.

So, Lord, I need to get ready. You know that. Come and be Lord in my life and work out the details while you fill me with your presence. This is a time for hope and joy and love. Let me not extinguish those with crazy expectations on myself and others.

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