The Nesting Has Begun

Just did a HUGE grocery shopping trip that only covered staples...more to come! Starting to gather my birth/baby supplies. Now if I can just get to the Christmas shopping and accounting...and maybe a trip to the spahhhhh.

My honey sent me to the WAG studio last night for a drop-in life drawing class. That was kinda fun to do something artistic. It has been nine years since I've done that. Only paper we had handy was a huge pad of graph paper, but it worked. It was fun to show Rod my stuff after. Drawing in that setting (in a studio with other people, drawing people) is an interesting challenge. You have to fight through thoughts of "this isn't very good, I want to give up, the facilitator is looking at my work, that person's stuff is better etc. etc." And you have to be willing to just try things and keep going. Actually exhausting. But good. Went to Dessert Sinsations Cafe right before closing and bumped into Chris and Marlese who passed on the rest of their cheesecake! Thanks, guys. Had some African Nectar Rooibos tea in a tall glass mug with hand-sewn silken tea bag. Yummy!

This morning has been laid back even though there are dirty dishes begging to be washed. Read a book of the Bible while the kids did puzzles etc. and then lay on the couch and refused to get up. More and more stuff got pulled out and the kids even managed to make their own toast (read messy). Thought it was good practice for after-baby coping. Shower and baths followed and the kids are still running around "free". Guess we should be having lunch.


flowerlady said...

that sounds delightful...

Mercy said...

glad to hear your resting. i loved the day my kids first made toast - it's just the beginning! i'm sure they can basically live off that stuff??!