Naptime Noodlings

I really should be lying down for my daily rest, but I slept fairly well last night and my sheets are off getting washed and well, the computer lives in our bedroom currently...

Just enjoyed checking up on my blog list. I can see across my street. The sun is shining on the houses making them look a little more glorious than they really are. There are big patches of bright blue sky with the funnest clouds hanging about (like the one's on the Simpson's...of which I'm not a fan but I remember someone from Vancouver Island travelling in the prairies and commenting that there actually are clouds like on the Simpson's). The big old trees have lost their leaves, but still retain their grandeur. Kids are either sleeping or contentedly playing. I love my house. It's always two steps forward and one step back as we continue to bring over more stuff...I guess we just have too much stuff.

So many things I'm behind on. All I really want to do is enjoy life. But the undone can crash in and wreak havoc (i.e. bills, accounting, lack of groceries etc.). So I really must get a list and a plan. Sigh.

Maybe I will lay down for a bit...

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