It's my daughter's second birthday today. We had a birthday breakfast before Daddy went to work. Too bad the muffins didn't quite turn out. New recipe and new oven not a good combination. Got home from Sask last night, zipped over to the Forks, picked up Calico Critters for the birthday girl, stopped by Dollarama for some wrapping paper, plates and cups. Unpacked, put the kids to bed around 10:00 (they napped from 3-6 in the car). Realized why putting kids to bed early is so much better (exhaustion!), wrapped presents and blew up balloons, checked emails, invoiced someone. Crashed. Got up before kids (luckily they were sleeping in a bit) and started the muffins, pulled them out at various points only to discover they were still gooey, managed to put candles in one before hubby left. Kids never did eat muffins. We'll see how the rest turned out.

I'm tired and my house is a mess. Have I said that before?

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