"Precious" Moments

We head out (much too late) for Zellers and Superstore. Take forever in Zellers getting underwear, socks, scissors and things. It's way past lunch. J seems to be fading, the granola bar long gone. We try to go to Dollarama. It's too crowded and I can't find what Jacob wanted to get. We leave. I'm despairing. If we don't pick up groceries now, we likely won't be able to. R should be going down for a nap and we haven't even had lunch. I call Rod. He confirms that we need to shop now or never for he needs the car later. We head to the car to pick up the kids' juices. Maybe that will pick them up while we wait for our DQ. Both kids are uncooperative and we make a scene that causes people to wonder if I'm fit for motherhood. We walk back and order our food. J has complained that his tummy hurts. This sounds reminiscent of R last night. I look at him and wonder whether it's the fluorescents or the tone of his skin. We sit down and wait for our food. It soon comes. The kids each take a big sip of the iced tea and we wait for the fries to cool off. I'm just about to ask J if he feels like throwing up when he walks over to me and immediately answers my question on my leg and at my feet and down his jacket. Poor fella. I get some napkins and start wiping his face, his jacket, and my pants. Get some more and continue with his hand and the table. Then I have to tell the staff the grim news. We wait a full five minutes. A few patrons look at our mess. I can't tell whether it's mild disgust or pity. A staff member whom I think is a Mom (thankfully for usually they're teenagers) does her job with such grace, she eases my emotional state. I try to finish my food and the kids pick at theirs. Then we head back to Zellers to pick up a few more things as I feel we won't be getting to Superstore. Kids fall asleep on the way home and I pick up a few diapers at the convenience store. Neither stays asleep, but R eventually gets back down for a nap and I try to encourage J to rest. I just hope it passes quickly with not too much spreading around.


Camille said...

i'm a friend of lani's and just read this!! i wanted to encourage you!! i know that people can be so insensitive (even with their looks and disgust, etc) but usually, it's not disgust, it's more likely pity. not sure if that's any better!

this too shall pass!

ps i love your name and we want it for a baby girl's name! spelled with a j!

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jacob's sick. I hope he get's better soon!

Sonya said...

Yeah, me too! I thought we had escaped with only one incident, but that the last two nights he's awoken with diarrhea in the middle of the night. Seems that his intestines are always slow to recover.