I Fall Flat

Well, after all that revelation, I fell flat on my face. Admittedly, it was a Monday following a late night and there wasn't enough food in the house, but I still would not want to repeat today. Not an exemplary day. But it's done. And tomorrow's a new day...and it looks like I may start it with a clean kitchen (thank you hubby for your help).

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Cindy said...

Hey Sonya, thanks for being vulnerable. I know the "dirty kitchen, grouchy mom blues" well. Very well. We've had our share of rough days lately, too, and I definitely feel where you're coming from. Sometimes (well, most times, I think) I miss the big picture and just get caught up in the moment-to-moment bad behaviour cycles, too exhausted to see beyond the load that feels so heavy on my shoulders.

Thanks for the "heads up". And I'll pray that you can keep yours above water... ;-)