Little things

It's amazing how the little things can add up. Like my nose, for instance. It's a very small part of my body, but it's adding greatly to my misery. Yes, too much adrenaline and not enough rest these days has worn my immune system down and I now have a lovely summer cold. Then, last night, while I was trying to fall back asleep, I hear a little thing called a mouse nibbling and scratching. I thought they were only supposed to come inside in the fall when it starts getting cooler! (I am so looking forward to our new house...if we ever get it...but that's another story).

But on a positive note, I did get myself to bed early two nights ago and had a splendid sleep. And Rod and I went on a little date to the Fringe last night and had a great time (thank you Dristan Mist). And we had a friend over and she asked me about some ideas I had and now I've been encouraged to take them seriously and pursue them.

Life is the little things. Some bad, some good. But life is also the big things, like God being in control and working out everything for good, developing my character and helping me shape my kids', leading me down this path right now towards amazing things I can't even imagine, but also more little things...blessings I can count and trials I can persevere through.

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