Well, my house is still a disaster. Today, I'm feeling slightly more at peace in my soul though. Amazing what some quiet time and a bit more sleep can do. I've been thinking a lot lately about the attack on our minds and spirits. And trying to view things more as a battle to be fought rather than escaped from.

David had his Goliath. Daniel had the lions. His friends had the fiery furnace. But they knew their God and they were unwavering in their trust in and devotion to Him. And God took care of them. Over and over in the Old Testament I read fascinating stories of how great God is and how people were won over to Him by the faith of ordinary people who were unmoved by impossible circumstances and God moved instead.

A verse was highlighted to me in church today: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord". I should know where that's found, but right now it escapes me. And I was also struck by a few things that were said today during the teaching time. One was how an overall sense of purpose can transform even the most mundane of jobs. The focus was on career, but I could see how that applied to the job of motherhood. So much of it involves the constant cycle of creating mess and cleaning up mess. It can get you down. But if I know my calling is to love, nurture, and train the children he's given me, so that they can be released into the world to love God and love others from whole hearts, I can bear the endlessness of it all.

Okay, this is getting a little too spiritual. I want it to be practical. Mothering is exhausting and often thankless. I feel too weak for the job many times. But I don't have to get it all together better. I just need to rely on the Holy Spirit. Not more. Not better. Just do it. Rely on him for rest. Rely on him for patience. Rely on him for self-control. Rely on him for joy. Rely on him for my needs to be met. Rely on him for wisdom. Rely on him for the future and the present. He is more than capable. And He is waiting for me to come to Him. And He can do the impossible.

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