Overwhelmed and Looking for an Out

Today we spent a lovely, cool morning outside pulling weeds, moving gravel and basically puttering about. Then I realized I had missed our chiropractor appointment. So we slipped in before lunch. Ate quickly, got Rachel and I down for a nap. Then some PST accounting and then a way-too-late grocery shopping/banking/post office trip. Late supper (not without some grumpiness from children) and a bit later to bed for them. But fell asleep easily.

Spent much of yesterday in 90-plus degree building. Yeah, the place where Sanctuary meets has no A/C. But it was great. I love being involved there. Even went out to Applebee's with a bunch of them. Such a nice change of pace.

The long and short of it is, my house is a disaster zone and I don't want to face it. Thankfully, Rod is feeling a little swamped too and so we're postponing the re-listing of our house. But I think I'll go crazy if I have to live in this messy house much longer. Problem is, today is a recovery day from yesterday. So I'm just hoping that tomorrow I feel a little more like tackling things. 'Cause today I just want out! (And sleep).

Good night.

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kristi said...

Good to have you join us sunday!