What do May Flowers Bring?

Pilgrimage. For us, anyways.

Yes, both of the buildings are slated to become ours on May 1. We're excited and at the same time still in shock. It's all actually happening, to the best of our knowledge (I still keep thinking something will happen to prevent this).

Both places will need a lot done to them, so having the possession dates the same day was not our first choice. We will be needing a lot of help in the next few months, so if anyone is a packing or painting whiz, or just wants to take care of our kids for a few hours, we would appreciate the help!

We will be paring our possessions down as much as possible, so if anyone loves to purge, I would welcome your assistance!

Today I got an idea from someone of having a monthly music night/potluck where people just get together and work on new music together. I think that's so cool. Maybe we could do that in our new studio!


kristi said...

Congrats on the upcoming move!

Stephanie said...

WOW CONGRATULATIONS! I've been (and am) praying for you guys!

Christina said...

Yay, that is so awesome! I'm so pumped for you guys!!

Cindy said...

Hey Sonya,

Friends of mine sold their house on Inkster in ONE DAY !

Three months should be no problem.

It sounds like an exciting move. God certainly has His own sense of timing, doesn't He...

Ruth said...

Wow!! Awsome! I'll gladly help anyway I/ we can! I'm so excited for you guys.
I can't wait to be "artsy" in your new space... if you'll have me!
Blessings and peace in the coming months!

The Hayes Family said...

WOW congrats! I'm sure Ryan and I can help you in some way. Perhaps cleaning or painting. Let us know what you need and when and we will try to work it out.

Sonya said...

Thanks, all of you for your encouragement and offers of support!

I hope you all will enjoy our new studio...and you will all be welcome in our new "humble abode".

Erica said...

As we unpack we will put the boxes in the garage for you to pick up.
We move in on the 4th of March so you could pick up boxes on the following Saturday, March 11th if you would like.

Ruth said...

There are so many comments on here I should just email you... maybe I will!

flowerlady said...

Okay, I wish I could come and help you!! I know some GREAT purgers but they live here, however, I have learned some good things from them.

First of all - why are you keeping it, do you really need it or love it, will you actually use it or are you just used to it, do you have more than one, could someone else use it or love it more than you?

Then - do you actually have space for that - if you do where is it going to go? There's some other tips they've given me but I can't remember them right now, anyway, they help alot!!!

Blessings, very exciting.............mybe we'll have to go east with our little flower this summer and see the new digs.