Church was so affirming for me today. The image of God's love as water soaking into the dry soil and then as that gets saturated, getting "restless" as it tries to go to the lowest, farthest away place, was very powerful.

We've been feeling like God wants to move us closer to the poor and just in the last week, it seems the pieces are falling into place. And it was just encouraging to know that this is what God does. He fills us up and then he calls us to people and places that need that love.

In this next week, we'll be writing up an offer to purchase a three-suite house with a storefront on Selkirk to live in and quite possibly another house with storefront a few blocks away for a studio. Both can be purchased and renovations begun for what we hope to get for our house. Our living space will be greatly reduced, but we will have the privilege of blessing our tenants and have less financial strain in addition to being closer to our church and the community it serves. Our big dream coming true is a separate studio space. Rod can shoot there without disrupting family life, teach photography, rent out the space to other photographers and artists, and who knows what else! Our church has a huge artistic community. I hope somehow that this could become a place where artists gather.

So, please keep us in our prayers as deals are finalized and then as the purging and packing process begins! Oh, and that we could have our house sold in the next three months! (yikes, did I just say that?!)


Mercy said...

sounds exciting!

Christa said...

New homes are happening all around. DJ and Erica and also Lynne Decock.
And about selling your house in 3 months- it is totally possible. God can do that! You are being obedient to His call and that is what is important. He will take care of the rest!! Dare to trust him!

flowerlady said...

It can happen. Great talking to you the other night. So glad you called...

Christina said...

Wow Sonya, that's awesome you're giving an offer on the house. It sounds so ideal for you guys all around. I love your dream to make it into a place where artists can express their talent. So cool.

(did Rod tell you I ran into him... actualy more like drove into him... near St. B the other day, it was a very pleasant surprise to my day!)