The Undertaker

I have now "undertaken" to dispose of three dead mice this year. I am woman--hear me roar! (Yes, I am quite proud of myself). This year has been bad for mice all over Winnipeg...they just won't go away! I hear a good mouser-kitten is effective, but I'm not crazy about animals in the house (yeah, just mice!)

Anyways, I have developed an easy three-step method and if anyone has a dead mouse to get rid of...I'll tell you how!


flowerlady said...

how about you just come and get the sucker!

I'm totally into the damsel in distress role when it comes to mice. I'm ready for my hero to come in and save the day. Unfortunately your brother isn't too hip into mice evacution either...

bekwood said...

we have mice here in manila too. Our method of catching and killing is quite something. I buy this sticky paper about 50cents for 2, then I put a cracker in the middle of it, place it in a mouse area and before you know it, there is mouse stuck to the paper. Then I fold the paper, and stamp on it hard and throw it out.