Misery Likes Company?!

On the week-end, we finally broke down and bought some glue board traps. We put one in our closet and one elsewhere. I won't go into too much detail, but I was awake to hear the first one...he was the male, I think: immediately really ticked off and then silent for quite a while (I thought he had died of a heart attack or something), and then feebly complained intermittently until I woke up Rod and he bopped him twice with a shoe. (Sorry, that was quite a lot of detail wasn't it?) Shortly thereafter, another met "her" demise...I just kind of heard her whimpering (squeaking really) and we immediately put her out of her misery. And then all was quiet.

I really wasn't too excited about the idea of mice struggling their way to death, but this was definitely the most effective way yet (i.e. because we were able to kill them quickly after they got caught and because we knew where they were and they didn't have to stink first for us to find them).

Hope I haven't offended too many, and if it helps, I really don't think the mice suffered that much...mostly annoyed them...but then again, what do I know? Thanks, again, Beckie, for sharing your mouse solutions!

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