On Life and Parenting

The last week or so has seen some of its lowest moments in parenting. Children screaming, mommy screaming, that sort of thing. It was over the top. Granted, J always seems to have an emotional recovery time when being sick involves losing appetite. He's always been very sensitive to blood sugar levels and once his body starts wanting food again, he's a bit of a bear. And I was very tired with R being up at night. So there were definite physical factors. But I also really felt like there was a strong spiritual component as well.

So, needless to say, Sunday I was feeling my weaknesses acutely and was blessed to be prayed for and to sing this song by Craig Musseau:

Good to Me

I cry out
For your hand of mercy to heal me
I am weak
I need your love to free me
Oh Lord, my rock
My strength in weakness
Come rescue me, Oh Lord

You are my hope
Your promise never fails me
And my desire
Is to follow you forever

For you are good
For you are good
For you are good to me.

I am happy to say that this week is going astronomically better. Mommy has more compassion and self-control and kids are more even-keel as well. There have been some really precious moments with J in particular that I haven't had for a while. Plus, we are all sleeping better at night! Hurray! Exercise is coming back into my life and I'm even hoping that my kitchen will be clean by the end of the night. Quiet time has been there, although not amazing. Reaching out also happening.

That's it for now. Must do dishes...

(Yay, Canada! Keep the medals coming!)


Let Grace Rain Down said...

I can totally relate. Parenting is at best sometimes said to be a roller coaster ride, especially when they are ill. Can not even imagine what God deals with on a daily basis.

Thanks for sharing, many blessings!

mariaborito said...

Hi Sonya,
I didn't know you had a blog! The art group meets at church every other Friday I think. Odiah Reimer is organizing it. You should join us! Actually we're hoping to do some gestures which you would love I think. I'll let you know when the next one is. It might be this week.

Ruth said...

Must be in the water or something... last week was similar at our house!! I'm so glad God so clearly touched your heart and showed his mercy.
It can be so frustrationg sometimes. I totally relate. My heart is there with you!
Thanks for playing with A yesturday! A blessing for me.