There´s No Place Like Home

Soon, we will be on the plane to rejoin our family. I´ve missed the kids quite a bit actually. It is so surreal here. A totally different life. We´ve enjoyed our time immensely. People who have been to other resorts in the Carribean say that they´re better...more polished...but we´ve really been captivated by the feel of this place.

Saw an amazing show last night. Amazed by the skill and athleticism of the dancers, and the incredible musicianship of the singers and instrumentalists.

Had a fun day at the beach today. Went kayaking, beachcombing, and even dug myself into the sand.

We have our last ala carte restaurant today at 9. All that´s left is packing, a bit more beaching, getting through customs and then onto our plane. See you all soon!

Oh, by the way, Rod and I have an idea for preserving the unity of Canada...we´ll all meet in Cuba!! We feel like we´ve already met half of them! Lots from Quebec, too...Anyways, I think I´ll be getting back to the room.


Christina said...

Awesome to hear you had a good time and that you are excited about coming home and seeing your munchkins. I'm sure they're excited to see you too!

Can't wait to hear about your trip and see all your pics!

Christa said...

Wow glad you had fun.
Looking forward to seeing you again.
Didn't see your parents on Sunday. But then I was husbandless with 3 kids-so I might have just missed them in all that :)

Kendra said...

Post some pictures as soon as you can!!