Well, Rod and I have become famous at our resort. Yes, we were chosen to take part in a couples´ dancing competition. It was crazy...we had to do four dances and then do the twist and then the can can. there was a bunch of us winnipegers up there. We ended up in second place!

Trouble sleeping again last night. What a to sleep all i want and i can´t do it!

got a little too much sun yesterday. Today will be nice again. i guess i´ll have to stay under the umbrellas more today. hoping to do our beach shoot today. Going to our first a la carte restaurant tonight.

People are waiting, so i feel rushed again. Lots of Canadians here. meeting lots of people. We´re having a good time!


Kendra said...

I hope you are having an amazing time in Cuba. I am just a LITTLE jealous.

Ruth said...

Me too, just a little jealous! Awesome about the dancing and the having fun! Sad about the sleep, too much sun and feeling rushed. Have a good frolic on the beach for me!

Sonya said...

Thanks for stopping by! Love you guys!