We are here! The weather has been less than beach like, but that wasn´t such a bad thing as we slept much of yesterday. i should say...tried to sleep for me...I´m still having trouble sleeping. I think it´s getting better though.

Now i know part of the culprit. hormones. yes, in timely fashion, my first cycle has begun! please pardon the lack of capitals, the shift key is very sticky.

today we´ll be going to varadero. hopping on a bus after lunch. we´re still deciding about havana. it´s quite expensive, so either we´re going to try getting our own taxi, or we´re just going to miss the must see capital city.

don´t know what to say. i feel like i´m just racing against the clock!!

lani, if you´re reading this, let mom know we´re doing fine, and i would love it they could comment and tell us how they´re´ll have to walk her through it though. I´ll be checking back on monday or tuesday.

christa, if you´re reading this, could you give mom and dad some assistance in church or make them feel at home. i know you will regardless if you see them. thank you.

well, i´ve already used up 1 minutes of my half hour. Maybe next time I´ll include some journal entries.

Adios! Love you all!

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Jude said...

I hope you have a great holiday.
And I'm not having the "Hold on to Your Kids" discussion until you get back.