Ten Things on My Mind

A friend had this on her blog and I thought it was a cool idea.

1. How I will ever get into a routine again.
2. How sweet and smart my baby girl is.
3. Breathe
4. Sleep...need more sleep
5. Bottles, breastfeeding, and letting babies cry (a.k.a. what ideals can be safely let go of?)
6. How I can get more support and get more alone time
7. How to be truthful and loving at the same time
8. Christmas gifts and trip to Fairmont
9. If we will ever get our vacation plans made for our anniversary.
10. If we will ever get rid of our mice.


Ruth said...

You're on my mind! I really enjoyed your sharing the other day... but I missed the end! (Kids!) I didn't know the road you two had traveled. It was inspiring and full of heroics! You (both) are amazing! It is overwhelming what life can throw at us (currently and in the past) As you said... faithfulness.
and no that's not me :( I wanted it to be me but I don't have a photo on white (of just me) Maybe I'll have to hire Rod... :)

The Hayes Family said...

Hey. I HATE mice. They can be a pain to get rid of. Poison that's the only thing that has worked for us.

Anonymous said...

Sonya, as in Sonya Wiens from Beechy? French Horn Sonya? It's Kim Gilbert, as in Kim Erickson. Wanna be French Horn Kim :) Glad to see you've got a blog, and happy that I happened upon it! To catch up on my life a little, you can check out my husbands blog at Hope you are doing well. I'll be visiting here often!

Sonya said...

Woo hoo! I can't believe you found me. I have been wanting to get in touch with you again for the last year. How are you doing? By the way, I have very fond memories of our French Horn days...

Anonymous said...

It was a nice surprise to run into your blog! Cute kids!! Life's been crazy over the last year or so. My Mom passed away of cancer in June - crappy and magnicifent all at once. Life is good though - we are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Haiti! Drop me a note at and we'll "chat".