Still in a Slump

Ahhhh....will my kitchen ever be clean again? I just get close and then it's messy again! It seemed so easy when I was in the groove. I thought to myself, "Why has this been so hard?" But I forget how hard everything is when I'm tired and on the depressed side.

Had the most wonderful little God-time today. Got home from a meeting and both kids were asleep. Put the seat back in the car, kept the tunes going and just had a bit of a breather. Sweet!

Jacob's doing great without his diapers. We're learning together a few things to avoid and otherwise are having great success! He's still quite freaked out by sounds in particular and currently struggles with fears of storms, wind, thunder etc. Unfortunately, some of his Bob the Builder episodes seem to build on this.

Had a great prayer time with a friend. Two things really stuck out that she prayed for: for the beauty of the Lord in my encounters with Him to overflow into my home, life, kids and husband, and for stillness (Be still and know that I am God).

Listened to Steve Bell's audio magazine on "Can God be Trusted" today. Some powerful stories. What most stood out for me was what a Jewish theologian was quoted as saying: that we have translated God's name "I am who I am" in a distorted way and that the Hebrew was saying something more like "I shall be there". So no matter what happens in our lives, God's name is "I shall be there". I like that. God shall be there and that shall be enough.


Erica said...

I find it difficult to fight off "bummer" feelings too when the sky is grey and it gets dark at 4pm!!!!

It Winnipeg, its dark and cold, I think we all need Jesus right now!;)

Ruth said...

Oh, it is a lovely thought, that God "shall be there" even in our darkest, dirtiest kitchen moment! I'm having a wonderful moment right now... reading your blog as my kids sleep (Audrey went to sleep on her own in the crib!). It seems such a fleeting moment of bliss. I guess we have to cherish these moments.
I too spend many a day wishing I could dig myself out of the pile of laundry or through the dirty dishes! Know that you are not alone... Me and God are there (fully in spirit)!
Blessings on you.
BTW I would love to come on Wednesday next week. Especially if you'll be there. How do I sign up?

Sonya said...

"Smiles". It's good to know other people struggle in similar ways.

Rachel and I are learning how she can fall asleep in her crib at night, too!

Really, you could just show up at the Vineyard south door at 9:15 and register on the spot. Just bring a cheque book or $45 (for all ten sessions) if you're bringing both kids. I hope I haven't overstepped the boundaries in inviting you...hey, I'm on the committee, right? Alexandra's planning to come, too.

Ruth said...

Ya!! It'll just be me and Audrey... Sam's at Little Lambs in the morning! Happy Thanksgiving!