The Difference

I think I'm figuring out some things about my life. Like when I exercise. Yesterday, after a telling visit to the chiropractor, I did my ball workout and today I went for a walk with the kids to IGA. And I was able, first of all, to function fairly cheerfully and peacefully in a very messy kitchen. And then, tonight, I was able to set some limits on computer time and uncover my table so that I can see the beautiful flowers my friends brought me...PLUS have underwear for Jacob and I to wear tomorrow.

I have been struggling so much lately with low energy and motivation and getting meals ready on time etc. etc. It's true that my nights have been terrible with kids being sick and going to bed late on top of that. I know an extra lack of sleep always sets me back. But I'm just starting to see that exercise combats much of what sleep deprivation and mild depression bring into my life.

And then there's my quiet time. That makes an enormous difference on my outlook on life, the way I respond to stress and chaos, and the amount of patience and love I have. Not only do I need the time spiritually to connect with God, but I need the space for my emotional health as well. That's how I recharge.

A while back, God gave me the motto: "First things first...the rest will follow". I'm thinkin' that exercise and quiet time are a couple of building blocks that will allow for a strong, stable, sustainable way of life. Those are not just extras or luxuries for those with more time on their hands. They are for me. (And if I keep omitting them from my life, my chiropractor won't be the only one who notices). Everyone suffers, and that includes me (do you detect a pattern of neglect here?). So I'm looking forward to continuing this experiment, because I already enjoy the difference a little exercise and time with God are making in my life.


Christa said...

You GO girl!!
We are far too easily sidetracked from taking care of OURSELVES! We can take care of everyone else, but forget to take care of ourselves. And then it just becomes a cycle of neglect.
I am totally loving the time I am getting for myself through running. I only have 4 more weeks of my running course, but my intention is to keep at it even once my course is done.

Jude said...

When I was the one taking care of household stuff in our house I found it really overwhelming. Taking care of ourselves can seem selfish until we realize that nobody is actually benefitting from it. I.e. we usually take time away from us to serve our families, friends, communities. But going through every day feeling down because we don't have what we need is likely to make us less of the type of people who can love freely and bring joy to those around us.

Don't lose sight of this, Sonya. It's really important to take care of you.