For Sh_ts 'n' Gurgles
(For all you Austin Powers fans out there!)

Warning: Not for the weak in stomach

Okay, this has been my life the last week:
Thursday night: Jacob hurls in his bed, all over himself etc. - must wash everything
Friday: he has diarrhea - lose count of diaper changes...doesn't really clear up all week
Sunday night: I spew at bedtime and spend the night shivering or boiling and trying not have an encore
Wednesday: I'm finally feeling better...Jacob's diarrhea worsens again....he barfs after a few bites of the first supper I'm venturing to eat (Rod cleans up this time)
Wednesday night: 11:00 - Jacob loses his lunch in his bed, ending our tub time...more laundry, replace the sheets, 3:00 I hear a strange rumbling as I'm feeding Rachel, I check Jacob who is fast asleep (what is that smell? Oo, what's that wet stuff on his blanket?) I assume he's exploded out the other end and then start my mission. Garbage bags, new PJ's, wipes and diaper in place, I wake up Rod for advice and possible reinforcement. Should we wake him? I check with a flashlight. Jacob is sleeping in a small pool of you-know-what...Rod gingerly picks him up, starts stripping him and cleaning him amidst moans and protest. Into the garbage bag goes the extra sheet that luckily absorbed almost all of the mess, his blanket and the second set of PJ's. I start a bath, but decide to wipe him down with wet towel. Jacob is beside himself. We fight to get some pajama bottoms on. For the next two hours I am up with him, trying to get him relaxed enough to go back to sleep (he's afraid of what will happen, feeling "hungry" etc.) Rod makes up our futon (the sick bed) and manages to get some sleep while I read stories, talk about Grandma and Grandpa etc. Finally, Jacob joins him in dreamland, and I head back to my bed. Rachel wakes up and I feed her. We sleep until about 8:30. Rod gets ready for work. Jacob has a tantrum after he leaves. And then the storm ends and a new day begins.


The Hayes Family said...

Oh my gosh Sonya! I feel for you. What a terrible week. I do hope things (bums) start to clear up soon!

flowerlady said...

that is just plain've definately earned your 'mom wings'

Stephanie said...

Man, Sonya, I'm sorry too! That's brutal ! I pray for health, relaxation and rest for the Braun's! Amen!