upchuck update

Well, the last two nights have still involved 2:00 a.m. puking and overflowing diapers before wake-up. Doctor thinks acid reflux may be perpetuating the problem and so put him on Zantac. Let's hope!

Anyways, have experienced some wonderful community support over the last couple of days since Rod has been gone.


Christina said...

Hey Sonya, how has Jacob been doing since he's started on the meds? Hope his tummy is feeling better. :)

Sonya said...

Both Jacob and I were hit with another bout on Thursday. We're feeling better, but I'm a bit paranoid about what we eat now.

Christine said...

Sounds like the big, nasty rotavirus. Stay away from anything with sugar!! It can cause relapses.

Eat lots of bland breads, potatoes, apples, etc. (the BRAT diet)

Sorry - I just cruised in here from another blog. Thought I'd throw in my two cents. I have been in your poop-covered shoes!!