New way to meditate

At my mom's group "Breathe" last week, a woman shared her journey and a new way God had showed her to get his Word in her heart. I would like to share it here:
- take two lines or so of Scripture
- sing it
- say it in your own words as a prayer
- write out God's response eg: "I worship You" is responded to with "I love your worship"
- post the Scripture where you can see it all day...

It's amazing what singing the Scriptures sticks in your head and heart and comes to life. And writing out God's response, his side of the story, is really powerful as well. We used Psalm 63 (first couple verses) and I recently used Psalm 25:4-5. If you read this, I encourage you to experiment with this. Then let me know what Scripture became more real to you and what your experience was.

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