Merry Christmas! What is a merry Christmas anyways? I think I would wish that inspite of the busyness of preparations and events, the stresses and emotion that often accompany family life, and the possibility that you may even be dealing with loss or loneliness this Christmas, that you can take a few moments and give thanks for what you have, make the effort to really look around you and drink in the beauty that is there (in the countryside as you're driving or in the faces of those around you), and savour good food and hopefully a few good laughs. More...

Sing. Light candles. Watch the snow fall. Lay on the couch and get mesmerized by the Christmas lights. Read a good book. Listen to music. Party. Watch a classic Christmas show. Make soup. Eat chocolate. Hold a warm drink in your hands and let it soothe you. Take a little extra care with one or two presents and make them a work of art. Use a little extra colour or glimmer as you set your table.

For me, I also hope to take a little time to reflect on the experience of Mary, on the wonder of that night, on the unusual ordinary-ness of a King born among animals and adored by sheep herders, and on the love that brought this story to life.

Maybe merry isn't the best word. Perhaps "wonder-filled" is better. The one conjures up red and green, deck the halls, ho ho ho, and let your heart be light (things I still enjoy). The other brings to my mind starry nights, the intricacies of nature, the faces of children, and a depth of feeling in both joy and sorrow. You can choose. May love, joy, peace, and hope fill your heart this Christmas.

The Brauns


flowerlady said...

Lovely, well written thoughts, hope your Christmas was all that and much more!

s said...
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