Major Changes

Just found out that J1 is producing antibodies against gluten and that is likely the cause of his stomach pain and acid reflux. Although I'm glad to find out something concrete, this was one of my least desired outcomes. Taking wheat out of a child's diet is a huge undertaking. All of my quick meals, most of breakfast, the easiest snacks, and the fall-back for lunch-time involves wheat. I'm glad that grocery stores are more gluten-free-friendly now. It is definitely easier to do than even six months ago and certainly 2,5,10 and 20 years ago. It still is a stress thinking of making this change. We don't know whether it's a forever thing or whether it's a leaky gut, get intestines healed and then he's okay kind of thing. Next step is a gastroenterologist. (Probably not much fun going to happen there). We see her on Monday the 8th...and we just found out we're not supposed to go gluten-free until anything is confirmed by gastroscopy/biopsy...

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