We are extremely thankful to God in the Braun household today. As Rod was headed down Main Street on his way to a meeting this morning, a man accidentally ran a red light at Logan and broad-sided our van on the passenger side with such force that the van was tipped onto its side. Many thoughts raced through Rod's mind as he was skidding along down Main, face inches from the pavement with his window open.

Construction workers came to rescue him immediately. An off-duty police officer quickly assessed the situation and told Rod he was concerned about fluid leaks and getting him out as soon as possible. A bunch of guys got the van back on its wheels and Rod was able to get out. Miraculously, he has the mildest of skin abrasions on his cheek and chin (not even really visible) and a tiny cut on his forehead (from a shard of glass I assume). There were some glass shards in his shoe. Of course, his left shoulder and hip are getting increasingly sore and stiff. But it could easily have been so much worse. The car following him ended up somehow in between both vehicles with minor scratches. Also a miracle. The driver of the other car is also "okay". Rod had a chance to talk to him...a very nice guy who just happened to miss the light change as he was adjusting his sun visor. Traffic was blocked off for a four-block radius for about an hour. So many phone calls today already.

We will be replacing three car seats (as a precaution) and looking for a new vehicle. Rod just went to pick up a rental and will be heading to the chiropractor after that. Lots of decisions and uncertainties ahead, but we are so grateful that Rod's life was preserved and that no major injuries were sustained. The accident will probably be in the news...lots of cameras and reporters. I don't even know if I want to see the aftermath.

Life is precious. It is good to be reminded of the fragility of life. Each day we have with those we love is a gift. So enjoy today. And be thankful. I sure am.

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Anonymous said...

Man, that was Rod? I heard about that accident on the news and was shaking my head that people were not badly hurt. Thank God!

As for a vehicle, call Eileen's uncle Peter Pauls--981-4968. He'll set you up with a good one. We've bought 3 from him.