Summer is here and with it comes no school (yay), mosquitoes (boo), and my birthday (yay). Speaking of birthdays, I got to celebrate mine early while in Saskatchewan. Both sets of parents blessed me with cash to spend (woo hoo) and my sisters blew me away with their thoughtfulness, proving that they are truly listening and definitely care (but I knew that).

I am currently reading "A Life that says Welcome" by Karen Ehman (not completely sure that's the right first name), a book on hospitality. Finding some enlightenment there. Will be trying to practice this summer. The trick will be keeping up with the house and having fun at the same time.

Ask me how it's going. Enjoy your summer! (And get out the After-Bite...did you know there's now an After-Bite cream for kids? Not as stinging...haven't tried it yet).

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