Hallowe'en has now come and gone, the last of October's events. Now it's November. I can hardly believe it. The focus of this month will be getting ready for, going to, being in, coming back from, and recovering from our trip to Fairmont, BC. Then it will be onto J2's birthday and Christmas. Somewhere in there, we need to have a grand opening for our new business, Eve Studios. And I need to get our accounting in real-time mode. Add to that, I've been commissioned along with 5? other artists to do a fairly large-scale painting for our church.

The way life has been going lately, none of this big stuff is getting done very quickly. First colds, then the flu, and now J2 has been having a couple of bad nights where I'm up...A LOT. I think he's finally over his stomach flu and is having an attack of the hungries (and I have to get back in the mode of feeding him more).

So, the end result of all this, is a pretty tired mommy who is ready to snap and on the verge of getting sick again. At the same time, God has been faithful in meeting me right where I'm at. And that's life. And I am still thankful...most of the time!

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Jude said...

Congrats on the new biz. Very exciting!