I am thankful for:
- finally getting Rod's birthday cheesecake and supper made (Sep 22 to Oct 4...that's less than two weeks and before my daughter's bday)

- my son's confidence and keen mind in kindergarten

- my baby's ability to bring me immense joy

- a little extra time to spend with my girl and her new-found interest in finding the alphabet all over her world

- the progress we made in our backyard this summer

- the beautiful fall weather and changing leaves (I love fall)

- the gradual return of health in my family

- the bits of energy I've had for cleaning and the bits of creativity

- the chance to do a worship set at Sanctuary House of Prayer

- the way God has been speaking to me lately
- the neat way our house group has been knit together in the past year
- our van and house and many other blessings

- the way God is taking care of our needs

- my marriage
I wanted to put up a few more photos, but I'm getting frustrated...Still thankful though!
We'll still trying to figure out how best to celebrate Thanksgiving...we'd somehow like to share with someone who's in need of food or family. We'll see what happens.

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Stephanie said...

It's been awesome seeing you at Sanctuary lately! Your kids are so big and so cute!