It's hard

It's hard when you want to get so much accomplished in a day but you have limited energy. It's hard when you need to go shopping and you end up having to go at a bad time of day and supper gets late and bedtime gets late and children start to lose it. (Of course, it's always a total bonus when you expect them to and you actually have a fairly good time). It's hard when you feel you worked fairly hard for a few hours and then you don't feel you're actually any farther ahead.

But hey, I vacuumed our bedroom and livingroom today, cleared the summer outdoor gear and gathered the rest of the winter stuff together, tidied the livingroom, did some dishes, started the laundry, bought the kids boots and mitts yesterday as well as groceries, and took them to Dollarama today.

Now I just have to figure out how to spend the next hour or two. Do I just kick back and relax or do I try and finish a few more things so that tomorrow feels a little less crazy?

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