In lieu of the recent dump of snow, I have dug up a song to reflect on:

First Snowfall
Words and music by Sonya Braun

Verse 1

Sky’s a blue-grey
Funny how rain gives way
To snow
Mysterious, exciting, depressing, inviting
Snow falling slowly, evenly
Soft frosting on the grass
Big, wet flakes changing everything…
Will it last?

Chorus 1

What does God see
When he sends the first snowfall?
What does he think,
Am I thankful at all?
How do I feel
When the seasons are changing?
It’s part of life—
It’s God’s rearranging. (2nd time to bridge)

Verse 2

Thick snow weighs down the branches
Drooping, a sorrowful sight
Leaves fall, their bright color
Boldly defies winter white
Like laughter of children
Enthralled with it all
Anticipate snowmen and sledding
And having a ball
What am I dreading?



Where is the snow now?
Where has it gone?
Seems that it left
Come the warm, warm sun
How in the world
Can it change so fast?
All I see is
The green, green grass
Suddenly it’s summer
I feel so free
I smile and I laugh
And I kick up my feet
Just when I think
Winter’s here to stay
God blows his warm winds
As if to say:

Chorus 2

I am the God
Of all creation
I’m in control
Of the clouds and the sun
Seasons may change
But you’ve nothing to fear
Trust in me child
I’ll always be near (Repeat Chorus 2)

(2nd time tag) Always be near

First Snowfall was written in 1998 as an assignment for a composition class. My teacher challenged my view that songs only came to me when suddenly inspired…that I couldn’t just decide to write one. One evening, as I watched huge flakes of snow falling outside, I began to write.

A few days later, I returned to the page and started processing my thoughts on the change of season. I love winter, but there are always those mixed feelings as the beautiful trees become bare, the temperatures drop, and the joys of bundling up begin. So I began to wonder what God thinks when I’m feeling rather ungrateful for the cold weather.

Just as I was beginning to accept that winter was here, a Chinook blew in and the snow all melted. And thus the bridge was born. I really questioned the direction it took my song (and so did my teacher), but it just kind of stuck. I was reminded that circumstances can change suddenly, but God’s in control of it all.

As the seasons in your life change, I pray that the constancy of the Father will draw you to trust in him.


Tasha & Colin said...

Thank you so much for sharing! (I love the story behind it too.) Keep using your gifts, they're beautiful. :)


WorshipWarrior said...

I forget where I heard you sing this song, but I could hear you singing it again as I read the words. It's such a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing it again.