Well, the big days in our family are done for the month of June. We celebrated our ten year anniversary this month. Not with a lot of fanfare. (Our Cuba trip took care of that). Just hung out, ate pizza and watched the NBA Finals and then last night, went out. (Thanks, Alexandra!). Ended up at Tavern United downtown on their rooftop patio. Very nice night for it. Except that we came just as the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup. So, it was very full and a bit of a depressing beginning to the date.

And, of course, Father's Day always follows closely behind our anniversary. I am very happy to report Rod had the best Father's Day ever. For all you who have parents around and it tends to be about them, I feel for you. It is so wonderful to be able to honor your spouse for the job they do as a parent. (I did phone my dad and we had a nice chat).

Next week we're off to Saskatchewan for a rare extended Braun gathering and a little bit of time with Rod's family at the lake. We'll be back shortly before my birthday (July 7).

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Christa said...

Aw, I missed your anniversary. And thanks for the hint about your birthday :) I will have to write that somewhere and hopefully not forget!!!