Random Thoughts

- my kids are so cute...today they were following each other around while holding ice cream pails and dancing
- my kids are both sick with a cough/fever
- my main floor is actually mostly clean
- we hosted a "Festive Feast for the Senses"...sampled some fine food, listened to music, and enjoyed each other's company
- went to bed way too late last night
- getting to know people is so refreshing
- I'm going to Cuba in 16 days
- Christmas is in 5 days and I still haven't gotten anything for the kids
- I have abs and they look really good
- I enjoy "bad" jokes: here's one from last night, "Why did the belt go to jail?" Because it held up a pair of pants!
- I still have so much more to do before Cuba
- in Cuba, I will get to do whatever I want
- in Cuba, it will be very warm
- in Cuba, I will sleep whenever I want
- in Cuba, my hubby and I get to hang out and talk and swim and stuff without interruption
- did I mention we're going to Cuba?
- we could really use some discernment for some choices we're in the process of making regarding a new place to live, finances etc.
- we just want to join God in what he's doing
- I did some "Christmas" art two nights ago which I'm quite proud of
- have you ever stopped to really listen to the words of Christmas carols? try it...especially some of the advent ones
- have a wonderful Christmas filled with peace, love, joy and hope from the Christ-Child and King of Kings


Jude said...

Did I hear you're going to Cuba?

Stephanie said...

random responses:
your kids are really cute!!
you're going to Cuba!!
I'm going to Puerto Rico in 15 days!!
we're going to be warm!!
we're going to sleep whenever we want!!
I get to listen to Christmas carol's at work and I get so excited because these songs are speaking of Jesus and my co-workers are singing along!!

Bless you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Sonya said...

Yeah, Jude, did I mention that?!

Ruth said...

Love it!
You are a wonderful and interesting person! I like getting to know you!
I had a great time the other night... very tired, but happy the next morning.
Want to do a play date next week sometime (after boxing day?)
Merry Christmas!!
By the way, you do look great!

Sonya said...

Thank you Ruth, all-around. We're in SK presently and will get home Tuesday night. Having a family day on the 28th (recuperating as well.) Rod is doing a shoot at hom on either the 29th or 30th in the afternoon so that might be a good time to get out...but maybe naps conflict. You could possibly come to our house in the morning one of those days. We are still all sick though. How's your guy doing? Merry Christmas!!

flowerlady said...

hope you guys have a great time in Cuba
and that you get better
and that one day I will have abs again