Bacon and Macaroni

Besides being what we had for supper, it's a little how I'm feeling today: bacon (drained and a little crispy...dumb tanning bed) and macaroni al dente (tender but I want to be anyway!) Oh, and did I mention we had corn...(yup, this has been a little corny).

Regardless, God is good all the time. He never grows weary. He is gentle. He is strong. And I belong to Him.

Although he never sleeps (and I sometimes think I don't either), I should probably go to bed. G'night!!


Stephanie said...

Stupid tanning beds! I second that!

Firemusicman said...

Even though tanning beds are highly overrated, can't get enough bacon and macaroni:) By the way thanks for the card, more on how that inspired me in a great way.