So Sick

My little girl is so sick. She just started running a fever last night and she's so plugged up, her eyes are watering. And the snot coming out of that girl! And the biggest thing was just that she's not herself...just really tired. We debated taking her into the hospital or a clinic, but the wait time seemed a bit daunting and the immediate benefit doubtful.

So we're going to give Four Rivers Medical Clinic a shot tomorrow morning. Was able to book and appointment with their pediatrician. I'd much rather go to my doctor, but trying to get her in and going across town...we just don't have time tomorrow. Found out this clinic does house calls, too!

Anyways, I'd appreciate your prayers for R and so would she!

P.S. The song has music: two sets of music. One that I started with and scrapped when the music took a new turn. And the original melody I sang for Rod and he liked better, but needs some talented jazz? musicians to flesh out. Anyone?


Christina said...

Poor little lamb. Is this the first time she's been sick like this?
I'm praying she gets better quickly. Love you guys.

Stephanie said...

I hope Rachel's feeling better today! I'm so amazed at how gentle-spirited and joyful she is even when she's that sick.

I'm praying for her!

Sonya said...

Well, she's doing a lot better. Now she has a cough, too, but her eyes are sparkly again, her fever is down, and her nose isn't quite so runny. She's got her "fight" back too!

Just keep praying that she continues to get better and no infection sets in. The doctor seemed to think it was likely viral, although I wasn't convinced he made that decision from his examination (he was pretty young and had great book-knowledge and pretty good questioning, but just hasn't seen a lot yet). The bonus was, we got some free Motrin and it has really been helpful.

Also, I haven't been getting enough sleep in the process, so my immunity is wearing thin. Actually everyone in the family seems to be on the verge of getting sick. So, definitely treasure your prayers on our behalf!

Deanna Momtchilov said...

Hope things are better at your house!