Open My Eyes

The sermons of late have been very inspiring to me, it seems. Twice now, I've gone home and written a song from them (okay, I haven't polished them and the one from today is only words, but hey...) I just wish that there were better ways of sharing them. Regardless, here's my words-only one from Nathan's talk. I hope this helps me to take it more seriously and finish it, and maybe it will inspire someone else to create (and maybe even come up with the music).

Open My Eyes

Verse 1
Like the servant
who was scared
of the army before him
He couldn't see
the army around him
But Elisha prayed,
"Open his eyes"
And his outlook on life
totally changed

Open my eyes
Let me see
What it is you're doing
Open my ears
Let me hear
What it is you're saying
Holy Spirit
Come and fill me
Cause this blind one to see
Holy Spirit
Come and change me
Give me the faith I need

Verse 2
Like the man
who was bent
on killing the Christians
He couldn't see
Jesus was Messiah
But Ananias prayed
"Open his eyes"
And his mission in life
totally changed


I have been so numb,
So unaware, so veiled
I have been so blind,
So busy, so stale
So come now,
I'm asking
Open my eyes

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Stephanie said...

Wow...I love the words! I got shivers. keep the songs a'comin'!

ps. I'm happy you're home safe!