Almost Home

Well, we've been to Fairmont, survived almost all the driving intact, and now we have one more trip left. We're in Saskatoon at the moment. I'm having a teeny bit of personal time before we have to start packing up again. I'm so looking forward to being home. As I sit here, J has been having a meltdown, but Daddy is taking care of it. R has been getting to be quite the social butterfly, but has been lacking in the sleep department.

So, we're all tired. Bad nights. Late nights. Early mornings. But the kids had tons of fun with their cousins and I did a craft (and now I want to get into painting), a hike, played cards, played the Farming Game fairly successfully, had a plugged/inflamed milk duct, went swimming a bit, and went bowling (bumper bowling highly recommended). Had difficult time fitting in personal/God time or even much one-on-one visiting. C'est la vie.

Anyways, looking forward to getting home and hoping that there are no dead mice stinking up the place, although live mice aren't much better...


Ruth said...

Missed you guys! It's dumping snow right now, I hope you're not driving in it. Be safe. Can't wait to see you and hear all the stories.
I hope there are no little visitors, dead or alive :(
Don't you wish they'd come up with a cure for "early childhood lack of sleeping" I'd donate to that research. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight.

Sonya said...

You make me smile, Ruth!

The snow has delayed us one day. We're coming home today instead.

P.S. J slept much better last night!

Stephanie said...

Sonya thanks for opening up your home to me! I really enjoyed it!
There were still live ones scurrying around when I was stinky ones yet ; )
I hope you have a safe trip home and that you all get GREAT sleeps!
love ya!

Sonya said...

Update on the mice...there is some smell happening, but haven't gotten around to moving the furniture to check. Had the privilege of seeing one at close range...The activity seems to be lessening. I hope.

Jude said...

The Farming Game is the best! I almost always win it. It's in the blood.