We're Back...

All in all, it was quite a good trip. Connected with family and even initiated some extra time with old Bible School friends. That was one highlight. Another was looking smashing at the wedding (sorry, no photos). Celebrated some birthdays, including mine. Got some lovely gifts. Nobody got sick on the trip, although there was certainly a lack of sleep going on.

Now we have a few crazy days at home and then we go to Moose Jaw for another wedding!

On another note, we found out that the property we had hoped for will not be ours. (We had put in an offer for a triplex on Pritchard that would've housed us, a studio space, and a rental suite for a very good price). The whole process was definitely a test of our trust in God as our loving heavenly Father and provider and of our persistence in prayer. It's also easy to second-guess ourselves in the negotiations. We certainly could've paid what it sold for, but we didn't even really have a chance. Although it seemed like the perfect fit for us, we are believing that God has something even better. Definitely disappointing and a bit disheartening. Trying to find something else and discerning God's voice in this is daunting. But the journey continues. Our desire is to decrease our debt, move closer to the community our church is reaching, have studio space outside our living space, and possibly build community with others. So keep praying!

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