Posting, posting, 1-2-3

For those of you who think I've fallen off the face of the earth since my vacation, haven't had an original thought pass through my head, or perhaps lost the use of my hands, sorry to disappoint, I just haven't really gotten to the computer. (Thank you Lani, for providing the external stimulus needed to distract me from packing and get me started on this entry).

In reality, July has been busy with weddings on the week-ends for Rod, watching the construction that inevitably occurs in Winnipeg in summer with Jacob, enjoying the air-conditioned, moqsquito-free indoors much too much, getting together with friends on occasion, dancing and singing in worship (woo-hoo), and trying to purchase a house (that is a whole 'nother story).

Just lately, I've been trying to get ready to leave for a wedding in Saskatchewan. (Tomorrow is blast-off). This has been quite exciting for me, as I haven't a cause for dressing up (in non-maternity clothes) in quite some time. The last three weeks, I've managed to get out of the house for an hour or so after the kids are in bed several times in order to hunt down the perfect skirt, top, and accessories. The search was fraught (sp?) with exciting price adjustments from Zellers, the gleeful spending of birthday money, the painful disappointment of buyer's remorse and product defect, and the wonder of refund and exchange. And through it all, my husband gave me some very helpful feedback (which at times was difficult to take at first, but always in excellent taste...with the result being an outfit I'm quite proud of). I shall have to post a photo of me in all my glory!

Well, this has been a refreshing burst of creative writing. I'll be back in five days or so.


flowerlady said...

Hee, hee she's coming here, here to me!!! I can't wait....okay so I'll have to share a bit. The good news is I, too will be all dressed up in new finery for the same wedding. Yippee, new, non-maternity clothes that fit - that is worth celebrating...what are we gonna do about that?

flowerlady said...

ps. thanks for finally posting something new!

Ruth said...

So glad to hear from you! We're in southern Ontario and will be back in a week or so. Hopefully we can connect!

Jude said...

You've been tagged