Grrr-rumbling Tummies

Today, it became clear to me during "arsenic hour" just how cranky kids can get when they're hungry. My daughter is normally so cheery and sweet, with only happy "bups" being emitted. Today, I began the very first steps of weaning, so her tummy got a little emptier than normal. So, she was crying and Jacob was irritable. It was loads of fun! Finally, I got supper on the table and everyone's mood improved greatly (mine included) and Rachel and I had a lovely time lingering over her food.

Then I got to thinking. Just how cranky, irritable, and whiney do I get, when it's been too long since I last came to Jesus for nourishment? Draw me, Lord to get my daily bread. Fill me with your goodness and love. Quiet me with contentment.


Ruth said...

Comment to the first part... I too am trying to wean... by the time of Audrey's surgery... I can sympathize.
To the second part... beautiful. Sometimes we miss the obvious. It seems so obvious now that you point it out. I shall try and remember more often!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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