A Date! A Date!

Rod and I went on a date last night! This will be a date a month for the last two months. I'm stoked! We dropped off our kids around 7:00, found a hoop and played two games of 21 and a game of one-on-one, all of which Rod managed to win. But I put up a fight and not too much of a stink (I'm not always good at losing).

Then we meandered around until we found a place to get a drink (Zellers/Pharmaplus). Found greeting cards for each other and put them back. Bought some toothbrushes and things. Then found a bench, had our drinks, and chatted. All too soon 9:00 rolled around and we had to pick up our kids (God bless our friends who did this so last-minute).

We commented on how like the early days this date was. So refreshing to the spirit. Thanks, God, for the idea.


The Hayes Family said...

WOW A date! I hope to have one of those sometime soon :)

flowerlady said...

That sounds like fun. I think our early dates were wandering around...anywehre...just walking and talking......haven't done that for ages...hmmmmmmmm

Ruth said...

mmmmm... dates... Your date sounds so much better than dinner and a movie! I love that you played hoops! Isn't it nice to really connect and talk to each other every once and awhile!
P.S. I always thought Jacob had a cool birth date because of Peace Day... I secretly wanted one of my children to have that b-day!